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Hello Flashy is a high end photo booth experience, with custom creations made exclusively for our high end clients!

We pride ourselves on providing the best premium backdrops, and our signature custom props- made in house, or sourced from the very best in the business!

Hello Flashy a local Chicago business insuring that each and every one of our clients gets the attention to detail, and fun collaborative energy they deserve!

We love working with clients on unique ideas, and designing one-of-a-kind logos, backdrops, and props! We are here to partner with you, and make your special event truly unforgettable!

About the Booth

Our booth is uncovered, so that our clients can be unrestricted! Fit up to 12 guests in each photo!

Our booth is adaptable to any venue layout, and only needs a 10×10 area to ensure you get the best photos possible!