Frequently Asked Questions

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It doesn’t make sense to charge a small private party of 27 guests the same for 4 hours of booth time as an event with 500+ guests- while we love serving both event types, the costs and demands of the larger event are going to be slightly higher, so accordingly, we are going to price slightly higher.

We don’t want potential clients to disqualify themselves from working with us by seeing an unfairly high package price, nor do we want to mislead larger clients by stating an extremely low rate that will not work for their event.

We do not charge extra for traveling to any location within 30 miles of Chicago- if you are  further out, let’s talk and figure out something fair!

Would you love to have Hello Flashy at your nonprofit or school event? Get in touch, and we will get you special pricing information. We appreciate what you do, and would love to show that appreciation by matching your amazing work with an equally amazing rate!

We have collaborated with some excellent charities, and enjoy donating booth time to these events. We are always open to collaborating with those who help others! If interested, please contact us at least 2 months out from a planned event, and let’s talk about structuring a sponsorship package for your organization!